Sunday, June 29, 2008

Intrepid Ibex Alpha 1

Alpha 1 of Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex is out. The first thing I noticed during the upgrade(I did a distro upgrade instead of a fresh install) is that there has been a massive jump in the included packages. Applications such as Compiz Fusion have gone from .74 to .77 and the new kernel version ending with 26. Amid all the new changes was the inclusion of a new dark theme. This was a drastic change from the soft brown colors to a more darker palette. Overall things looked good but one thing made me revert back to Hardy and that being my graphics card not getting detected, forcing me to stay in 800x600 resolution.

I really liked the strides the Ubuntu team is taking and seeing that this is only a Alpha 1 release, the bugs are understandable.

And of course, a screenshot!

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