Friday, June 5, 2009

Hardinfo: System Profiler and BenchMark Tool

Some time back, I did a blog post on "Sysinfo" which at that time was my choice of system information extraction utility. After my switch to Fedora, I failed to find a port of Sysinfo for that platform and attempts at compiling always led to issues. Therefore after some searching I found 'lshw' which seemed a good choice but again was a tad too much in terms of information.

So after a bit more search, I discovered "Hardinfo" ( which seemed to be a very nice and well done utility to get system information. It also seemed much more detailed than Sysinfo and very user friendly. HardInfo also has inbuilt benchmarking as an extra feature. Overall a very nice tool.

To install under Fedora, just do:
yum install hardinfo
Then it can be found under: Applications >> System Tools >> System Profiler and Benchmark

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