Tuesday, February 12, 2013

amixer vs alsamixer: Master channel

A convenient method to change the Master volume that I use is via a custom KISS bash script that essentially calls amixer. One curious observation I made was that the return value of amixer for the Master channel did not correlate with alsamixer. A small research reveals why:

from the alsa-devel mailing list:

The percentage in amixer has nothing to do with dB level.
It's just the percentage of the raw value range of that mixer
element.  Thus showing 89% is correct.  It's 10% down from 100%
(1% is because of the resolution of the raw values).

Now, alsamixer shows the percentage in a different way.  It's
explained well in the source code (alsamixer/volume_mapping.c), but
not mentioned in the man page, unfortunately.

* The mapping is designed so that the position in the interval is proportional
* to the volume as a human ear would perceive it (i.e., the position is the
* cubic root of the linear sample multiplication factor).  For controls with
* a small range (24 dB or less), the mapping is linear in the dB values so
* that each step has the same size visually.  Only for controls without dB
* information, a linear mapping of the hardware volume register values is used
* (this is the same algorithm as used in the old alsamixer).

The percentage representation in alsamixer corresponds to this
mapping, thus it's neither dB nor linear percent.

Original discussion is here:

The script itself:

##Amixer Script.
if [ $1 -eq 1 ]
    amixer set Master 5%+
    notify-send "Volume Increase +5%:" "Master Volume Level: $(amixer get Master | grep Mono: | grep [0-9]*% -o)"

if [ $1 -eq 2 ]
    amixer set Master 5%-
    notify-send "Volume Decrease -5%:" "Master Volume Level: $(amixer get Master | grep Mono: | grep [0-9]*% -o)"

#if [ $1 -eq 0 ]
#       amixer set Master toggle
#       notify-send "Volume Master Toggle:" "Master Volume Level: "


Running with arguments 1,2 or 0 increases, decreases or toggles(Mute) the Master channel respectively. I don't use the toggle segment thus its commented out.

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