Friday, March 4, 2011

customized slow output on a console

One of the primary scripts I run on my desktop embedded urxvt terminals is an active connections display script. Its primary function is to utilize 'netstat' and 'lsof' to display all TCP/UDP connections to/from my system. The problem comes with running apps such as firefox or feed readers where multiple connections are established that most of the output scrolls away very fast. So I customized the script to slowly output line by line:

echo "" > connpoll.log
function read_file()
        while read line  
                echo -e "$line"  
                sleep .15
                if [ $count -eq 12 ]
                        sleep 3
        done < connpoll.log
while [ 1 ]
    echo ">>>>>>>>>>>==ACTIVE CONNECTIONS VIA LSOF==<<<<<<<<<<<" > connpoll.log
        lsof -w | grep -e TCP -e UDP >> connpoll.log
    echo ">>>>>>>>>>>==ACTIVE CONNECTIONS VIA NETSTAT==<<<<<<<<<<<" >> connpoll.log
    netstat --tcp --udp -e -e -a --raw --program -v >> connpoll.log
    sleep 8

The infinite while loop runs the 2 commands, directs the output to a file (connpoll.log) and executes the function 'read_file'. 'read_file' takes the file and feeds it to an internal read in the while loop which simply echos a line from the file. The 'sleep .15' provides a small time break between each line and makes the output smooth.

The script works flawlessly and with the least overhead that I could accomplish.

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