Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dell Studio 1535 cleaning/disassembly

The temperature sensors on procyon [My Dell Studio 1535] laptop were constantly hitting abnormal values recently. CPU kept on idling at around 60C, even after my previous post on the fix for lm_sensors configuration applied. So I knew that it was time I opened the girl up and do her some good'ol fashioned cleaning. So I borrowed a cam, took out my toolbox, acquired some Thermal Compound [Shin-Etsu Microsi's G-751 Thermal Paste (thanks Shray!)] from a good friend, added some Pink Floyd on my playlist and got to work. Here are a few pics of the internals for anyone's viewing pleasure since I could not find any decent teardown images of the same model on the web. Enjoy....

Backplate opened, Fan/Heat-sink assembly and processor removed  
Close-up of the first image.
The processor[Top]: Intel T5750 [2GHz, Socket-P, 2MBL2, 667 FSB]
The processor[Bottom]
Fan/Heat-sink assembly [Top]
Fan/Heat-sink assembly [Bottom] [Note the thermal pads for the MCH and GFX chips]
Fan/Heatsink assembly [Top, Fan Removed]
Fan/Heat-sink assembly [Bottom, Fan Removed]
Fan(Dirty) [Top]
Fan(Dirty) [Bottom]
Partially Cleaned Heat-sink Fins
ATI Mobility Radeon HD3450 256MB [The 2 chips on the left are the 128MBx2(Samsung) RAMDACs]
The Intel 965PM MCH
The Intel MCH and The Socket-P processor socket
The WPAN and WLAN[Broadcom BCM4312] cards.
Nanya 1GB DDR2 PC2-5300 @ 333 MHz x2 RAM Cards
The HDD [Western Digital WD3200BPVT] and The DVD drive
After a thorough cleaning and application of new thermal grease, the temps have dropped significantly by at least ~10C

End result: a cool and quiet system and a wholly satisfied conscience :)

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